Hi. My name is Paul and I make websites. Front-end, customer facing sites and/or back-end, server-side platforms. I can certainly do more than that, but that’s what’s been paying the bills as of late.

In the past, I’ve worked in government and healthcare, both in supervisory roles and hands on with patients. I’ve loved both, but what I love more than anything is building and problem-solving.

Big or small, if you need someone to join your project or get something new off the ground, let me know. By the way, check out some of my awesome work.

Links to my email, mastodon, or twitter (if you still use it) can be found in the contact tab. Or if you’re especially clever, secretly hidden in an elaborate ARG with clues somewhere on this very page!

My Work

Check out my work below. I enjoy client-side code as much as server-side. Links to the respective Github sites can be found within.


A screenshot of the landing page to

OpenCare is a personal passion project I’ve been working on in some capacity for quite a long time. After a loved-one became ill, our family discovered how challenging caregiving can be both emotionally, but also logistically. Because we couldn’t find a way to manage and collaborate on managing someone’s healthcare needs that worked cross platform, I made one.

OpenCare allows multiple family members to keep up-to-date on all the details of medications, appointments, dietary needs, and basic patient info to use as a quick reference during appointments and to keep everyone in sync.

Paper + Hand

A screenshot of the landing page to Paper and Hand.

Paper + Hand is a beautiful, home-owned craft shop that specializes in handmade seasonal candles, macrame, custom crayons, and just a lot of cool, weird stuff. Even the concrete candle jars are hand made.

You’ll primarily find them at local markets around the island of Oahu in Hawaii, though they also offer select items online. Seriously though, their local selection is worth checking out if you have the chance.

K-9 Haven

A screenshot of the landing page to K9 Haven.

K-9 Haven & Transport is a mom and pop dog-sitting service based out of a wonderful couple’s home in Waco, TX. They also offer pet transport to and from local Dallas/Ft Worth airports.

Kawaii Pizza Co.

A screenshot of the landing page to Kawaii Pizza Company.

The illusive Kawaii Pizza Co. is a Japanese style pizza joint serving the greater Honolulu area. Or is it? It’s not. It’s just a simple restaurant site I use as a mock up to lure in the lucrative local restaurant market. Check it out. Or don’t. Side note, if or when this restaurant actually launches, I’ll happily negotiate the naming rights.